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Why Cork?

The worlds main Cork  Forests are found in the Mediterranean Regions. Today more than half of the worlds Cork raw material comes from Portugal. Cork is the outer bark of the Cork Oak tree. The bark can be harvested from the tree time and time again allowing new bark to grow in its place. After each harvest the Cork tree fully regenerates within 7 to 9 years after harvest, and the process extends the life of the tree by 200 years. The durable material is highly water repellent so it can be worn rain or shine! It is an organic, sustainable material,100% vegan and eco friendly, Easy clean (mild soap and water), Hypoallergenic ( a substance in the cork prevents cork from absorbing water, dust, dirt, mold and mildew). The use of Cork goes way beyond the traditional Cork-stoppers preferred by our Wineries. Our Selected handmade styles come directly from Portugal and are can be turned into a tote, handbag or purse.

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